Independent Fund Management

Altarius’ business model is dedicated to provide access to the European market and to facilitate implantation of our clients’ funds and companies.

As a fully independent company and service provider that don’t manage any assets in-house, we do not have any conflicts of interests when advising or fulfilling our mandate towards our clients.


With the new regulation in place, administrative and corporate functions need to be fulfilled in a highly professional manner with all-relevant reporting submitted regularly to the authorities.


We pride ourselves in providing a wide range of specialized services that meet both the expectations of our clients and the demands of the jurisdictions in which we operate.


Altarius understands that for our clients to have all these resources available immediately is often an issue. Altarius offers to outsource some of the required functions (for funds or companies).

The ultimate benefit is complying with regulatory requirements and to limit both upfront costs and setup time.


Altarius Asset Management Limited is an independent investment management boutique providing bespoke solutions for your investment and wealth management needs. We deliver superior services for our clients in an atmosphere of trust, transparency and security.


A strong and lasting relationship with each client is key to our approach and your success.


Putting our clients first is at the heart of everything we do. Starting with the investment strategy and defining the right assets for your needs, our aim is to ensure the most consistent results and benefits long-term.

Our objective is to ensure a high-performance turnkey investment services platform, which enables our clients to rapidly focus on core fund strategy and grow returns.