We offer directorship services that benefit from years of experience and a deep understanding of the responsibilities associated with this task.

We also offer Directorships for investment companies based in Malta or not. Maltese investment companies require at least 3 directors (one being independent). Besides the day-to-day running of the company, a Company Director in Malta is responsible to comply with all Maltese regulation including the Income Tax Act, the Income Tax Management Act and the Companies Act.

The position of Director carries a great deal of responsibility and duties within the company structure. While it is the shareholders who actually own the company, the directors are responsible for its actual management and running.

The duties of directors may be categorised in a dual manner, which are hose general duties arising out of their juridical position and administrative duties created through the specific provisions found in the Companies Act.

In addition to the duties of loyalty, directors are also bound to observe and adhere to a number of duties of care and skill. Directors also take on a number of duties relevant to that post. Complementing those duties found in the Companies Act with respect to the post of director itself, that includes statutory administrative duties.

Here are some of the duties relating to the keeping of statutory registers and minute books. Such books and documents include:
A register of members
A register of debentures
Board and general meetings’ minutes and minute books
A report drawn up when shares are issued yet these aren’t paid by cash
A report issued when a non-cash asset is transferred within the first two years of the company’s existence, under certain conditions
Changes to the Memorandum and Articles of Association
Extraordinary or ordinary resolutions regarding changes to the issued share capital or the acquisition of its own shares by the Company itself
Vacancies in the company’s representation
Copies regarding the issuance of shares on a pre-emptive basis
Return of allotments on a Form H
A notice of redemption of preference shares on a Form T
A notice of the transfer or transmission of shares
Changes in the posts of officers and persons representing the company on a Form K
The annual return
The directors’ report
Any draft terms of a proposed merger or a proposed division
The profit and loss account and balance sheet
The directors’ report together with its approval and signing
The distribution of the annual accounts to the relevant persons
The laying of accounts to the company in general meeting
The filing of these accounts with the Registrar of Companies