Dedicated SICAV Structures

The in-built flexibility of the SICAV coupled with the favorable Maltese regulatory environment is rapidly gaining widespread recognition from asset managers and investors.

We offer our clients the option of having their own dedicated European SICAV .

These proven investment vehicles will allow for the following:

The client chooses all service providers, terms and conditions.

Altarius will act as Investment Manager for both on-shore and off-shore funds, as well as for life insurance policies; providing its Investment Management license and local resources allow this structure to obtain European regulated status and is fully dedicated to one client.

Regulated clients may act as sub-investment managers of the fund and as such, are responsible for day-to-day trading. Non-regulated clients will act as advisors.

Advantages for the client:

No capital requirements

No local resources to manage

Speed to market

Full ownership of a European SICAV

Compliance with the new European regulation

Competitive set-up and running costs compared to other European jurisdictions