About Malta

Malta offers an attractive location for funds, combining as it does the best features of a traditional financial center with the advantages of being a full member of the European Union.

Malta Financial Sector Highlights

Sophisticated governing laws for corporations, banks, and financial services sector.

Investor protection: high regulatory and anti-money laundering standards ensuring highest level of respect for business ethics, earning the accolades of international bodies and other jurisdictions.

Emerging European financial center: The jurisdiction has received excellent peer reviews, and enjoys a highly positive opinion from international bodies.

Favorable tax treatment

Competitive set-up and operational costs

Passporting into Europe

A Great Combination

Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean with a relatively small population, yet it is a full member
of the EU and has a large number of talented professionals available to work in the financial services industry. This combination makes it an ideal location for investment. Malta has a distinct advantage over some of its larger rivals: it is still possible to make direct contact with government and legislators in the jurisdiction.

The legislation in Malta is pragmatic and efficient while still maintaining strong and effective regulation, and the island has demonstrated a pro-business attitude and the flexibility that can only exist in a small jurisdiction.

Relatively Low Operating Costs

Malta has a good supply of experienced and sophisticated professionals, and 
is also less expensive to operate in than other locations. Operational costs in Malta are similar to the Cayman Isles and markedly less than in the Channel Islands, Dublin or Luxembourg.

Malta’s credibility as a reliable specialist center for funds is growing rapidly. Lawyers and other professionals in the country are experienced in dealing with various fund structures and have responded particularly well as funds begin to use more complex strategies and structures. Another advantage of Malta’s fund expertise is that it is relatively quick to set up.

Growing Rapidly

In the current economic climate, many governments are targeting what they perceive as ‘tax havens’, which could be a major disadvantage for investors who merely want to find a tax-efficient way of managing their investments. One advantage of Malta is that it has an efficient taxation regime and is a member of the Eurozone.

Passporting Maltese Investment Services Licenses Throughout Europe

The legislative framework is in line with EU directives and reflects current international financial and commercial debates.

Investment services providers domiciled in Malta enjoy a key competitive advantage; the ability to passport their services and set up branches throughout Europe, thanks to the simplified ‘passporting procedure’.

This means that Maltese investment services providers can use their Malta license to provide their services throughout the EU, without the need for further licenses. This is a very attractive option, which can reduce costs as well as regulatory complexity.